Spilled Paint
Spilled Paint

Cleaning Up Spilled Paint !

Have you ever had one of those days – you feel really good about yourself and self satisfied because you’ve finished the decorating then THIS HAPPENS : The first thought that goes through your mind is probably something like ‘Bother & Damnation’!

What to do?

First things first – clean up what you can whilst it is still wet – the less you have to deal with later the easier it will be. So use any old towels / rags / cloths / curtains etc and wipe up as much as you can. Because this spill was right by the doorway it had to be covered over in order for people to get in and out of the property,  so they had to cover it up and because it was in the winter it didn’t really dry. This spillage was also complicated by the fact that the red paint you can see is an emulsion & the white paint is a gloss.

Once they had done that they called us in to take over – we got to the house about a month after it happened and cleaned the paint off using our superheated water systems. In this case we didn’t clean back the whole patio area because the stones in the courtyard were concrete copies and didn’t look too good once they were cleaned. But…. as we were on site we did clean off the real stones in the outside eating area for them …..

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