Cleaning & Repointing in Tetbury, Gloucestershire

The pictures below show an old property in Tetbury, Gloucestershire that was starting to deteriorate due to the sulphation build up around the windows and doorway. The pointing was starting to fail and had been patch repaired with cement based mortar.

The building was initially cleaned using a ThermaTech / DoFF Superheated water cleaning system. This removed all the general dirt and organic matter leaving behind the sulphation around the doorway and sheltered areas of the windows.This was removed by applying a (home made) ammonium carbonate poultice that was left to dwell for 12 hours. Once the poultice was removed the sulphation was soft enough to remove with the super heated water system.

The joints were then all raked out ready for repointing with lime putty

As can be seen from the photos the lime putty is applied generously and is kept damp in order that it doesn’t dry out. If it dries out rather than cures it will turn white and be loose and friable and will fail.
The extra effort in using lime putty on old buildings is worth it and will last for years if done well.

Cotswold Stone House Repointed with Lime Putty
Cotswold Stone House Repointed with Lime Putty

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