SuperHeated Water Cleaning System

Sandstone Steps After Being Cleaned
Sandstone Steps After Being Cleaned

Most Patio / Path Cleaning Systems on the market today use a high pressure pressure washer which blast the algae / moss etc away using cold water. In alot of cases there is nothing wrong with this method and it is an effective way of cleaning large areas quickly.

However sometimes a little more care is required e.g. when you are cleaning natural stone flagstones / pathways and dont want to blow the stoneaway.

The mosses and algaes that build up on the stone do so because they are in a damp/moist area and they are generally not in direct sunlight so the algaes aren’t killed by the sun.

Using the Superheated water system not only cleans effectively and at low pressures – therefore not damaging the fabric of the pathway / driveway it also kills a large number of the spores of the algae – this means that the clean will actually last for longer than just using a cold water system before the slippy  unsightly algae returns. (For keeping the path /driveway clean for longer – a suitable biocide should be used – but care must be taken especially when used near  a water course.)

Using this system we successfully carried out a trial on the ancient flagstones at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire – In fact we were so successful they actually bought their own system to enable them to carry out the clean every year in the areas open to visitors.

 Stone Pathway

Path down side of house before Cleaning
Path Before Cleaning


Stone Flagstones after cleaning
Stone Flagstones after


close up of clean flagstones
close up of clean flagstones

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