Removing Limewash from brick and stone can be a difficult task if you don’t want to damage the brick or stone. The problem lies in that it may have bonded really well in some areas whilst being loose and flakey in other areas. You have to get the balance right in using the correct system to remove the bonded limewash without damaging the underlying stone or brick – this means the right abrasive (normally calcite or dolomite) at the correct pressure.

The photos below show an example of a kitchen wall (grade 2 listed) where the limewash had failed and the client was unsure as to what he wanted to do with the wall – we removed as much of the loose and flaking limewash with the ThermaTech superheated water cleaning system – which then revealed areas where the limewash had bonded. – Test patches were then cleaned using a JoSS like attachment on the ThermaTech (low pressure dolomite was introduced into the water flow) – This removed the bonded limewash with no detriment to the brick.

The client then decided he wanted the wall to be recovered